Food Cart

How far would you go to realize your dream?

Ali Zarif is a talented chef and Food Cart owner in Portland, Oregon. After falling behind on rent, a tragic accident forces Ali to make a change in his father's recipe. He becomes an overnight sensation but finds achieving his dream of opening a restaurant means selling his soul.

Directed by: Lucas Longacre

Written by: Damian Magista & Lucas Longacre

Director of Photography: Sean Conley

Associate Producer: Olivia Volarich



Ali - Amir Kamali

Nikki - Courtney Cavanagh

Rick - Chris Murray

Samson - Samson Syharath

Dr. Dadvar - Sasha Dadvar

Caroline - Caroline Spinnler

Josh Shapiro - Byron Beck

Officer Dan - Dave Jansen

Randy - Lucas Longacre

Homeless Guy - Damian Magista